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Join Super Marino and his motley crew on their way to the towns and cities all over the United Kingdom, looking for willing pussies to screw. From John O'Groats to Land's End, no tasty bird will escape their hungry claws: Each and every one of them will end up in the back of the wagon, screwing as if her life depends on it. And if it is up to Marino it won't be just one girl but preferably two or three at the same time!
Miracles do Happen, the delicious Louise Muirhead was crashing at my place for a while, after Road Trip 2 I moved little Rebekah Jordan in with me, so I was having a great life as man about the house with two 18yr old bisexual blonde babes. So the thought of going out the house at all was hard enough, Road Trip or not. We were hit with illness and more bad luck as poor old Bob was very sick and was not allowed out of the institution he is an out patient at. I decided to keep Becky lee over night with me cos that's the kind of guy I am. Next day the fun began, D.D turned up with the one and only Wendy Taylor, so off we all went to Biggin Hill, the back of the wagon was a mish mash of blow jobs and pussy licking and fingering, why am I always driving? We stopped at a lovely pub for lunch where the landlord recognised us and offered his services, he took us to a fantastic area where we were able to have a beautiful 6 way gangbang in the great British countryside, I think most depraved acts were performed, but for me the best bit of the day was watching the lustful landlord piggy backing Louise a...
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The Road Trip took a bit of a left turn. I was heavily duped by the lads into going to the off licence to load up with beers for the evenings entertainment in Bristol. However as I returned to the van I was press ganged by the Big show and the others, as they gaffe taped my hands, legs and mouth up, threw me on the floor between the seats and drove off with speed. Of course all the fucking was back to London they kept beating and kicking me, more than I deserve... As I was dumped on the couch back home, the gaffe tape was peeled from my eyes to reveal the birthday present that my girlfriend Rebekah Jordan had left me. Two horny sluts wrapped in red bows and ribbons, there could be no finer present to give a man on his birthday. Donna Marie and Laura, set abut me and gave me a double birthday blowjob guzzling down all my cum. Happy with my empty balls I was taken to the bathroom where Laura and Donna pissed in my mouth then over Dirty Dogs cock. Red rag to a bull. Old D.D took the girls threw then on the couch, me and Willy G, fucked the girls pussies arses and mouths till they submitted and drank the whole crews jizz. All the crew with empty balls; another Road Trip successfully completed...
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We're moving up in the world and so is our transport. We exchanged our old van for an American mobile brothel and the luxuriously wide back seat was occupied right away by the lovely Faith who was just as much ready for a test drive as the new van itself... After our romp with Faith we moved on to pick up a friend of hers, Sylvia, who hardly had the time to make her acquaintance with us. As soon as she entered the van she was all over her girlfriend. There was simply no stopping her anymore! Still on our way to Cambridge Faith called in new assistance for some hot lesbian action on the back seat. By that time we were all getting pretty turned on ourselves too and it was a good job there was a place nearby where we could... fuck our brains out! Time for a little walk out in the forest with Chloe. That girl sure loved to be touched up and licked by all of us. As a thank you, she treated us to a great dildo show in the back of our van... just to warm us up for the next scenes... Finally arriving in the old university city we were met by Sandra, a girl who was in the Road Trip before, and Mark who had brought his wife Lynn with him for us all to enjoy.
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Off to Newport it is and this time we have some unique passengers: The beautiful blond Chantelle and her twin sister Chloe! Just imagine: Double the amount of tits, double the amount of cunts... of course, that called for some double penetration too! What should people like us do at the Gentlemen's Club? Well, not to behave like gentlemen in any case but to enjoy a wonderful lap dance performed by our twins! You can guess what happened next: We got so turned on we wanted them there and then! Snapper had promised to organize some rock girls for us and indeed he had... albeit that these girls were from the first years of rock... However, they still performed like youngsters and they certainly had the experience to give us a good time! Exploring Newport (and its inhabitants) a little further we came across two girls who were determined to give us all a warm, Welsh welcome the way only girls from Wales can do it. And again the van shuddered on its axles from our activities...
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